Dressing Your Bed

How To Dress A Bed 

Nothing feels better than slipping under the sheets of a nicely dressed bed at the end of the night.  One of the most common items we address when preparing a home for sale is having to make beds look their best.  Here are a few of the frequent issues we find.

1. Get Your Mattress Off the Floor

Many people simply throw their mattress on the floor rather than having it raised up.  Raising the bed off the floor it makes the space feel larger and airy.  Not to mention, your sheets will hang nicely rather than flopping on the ground.  If a nice bed frame isn't in your budget, opt for a basic steel frame; most are easy to set up and adjustable to various sized beds.

2.  Raise It Up

Your bed should be at a height that makes it easy to sit down without crouching or jumping.  While there's no standard height, 25-inches is common and comfortable for most adults.  Lower beds are often found in childrens bedrooms or when trying to achieve a modern look.  If the frame doesn't provide sufficient height consider adding a boxspring, which typically range from 8" to 12" in height.

3.  Hide Your Frame and Boxspring

Once the bed is up off of the ground you'll likely have an issue with your duvet or comforter not being long enough to cover the frame or box spring.  Get a larger cover or add a bed skirt to cover it up.

4. Pillow Police

Almost every time we see a king sized bed, people are still using their old, flat and discloured queen sized pillows; flat and small just wont cut it.  Either pick up 3 or more smaller full and fluffy pillows or larger king sized pillows to fill the space and add decorative throw pillows for some character and colour.


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