Early Spring Lawn & Garden Tips

Looks like mother nature has decided to come over to the bright side! Winter is officially over and the Spring weather is finally here. We're talking double digits folks! 

Every year around this time, once all the snow has melted and the grass starts poking through, I am reminded that curb appeal really is an important factor in adding value to your home. For all you potential sellers out there who are hoping to take advantage of the hot spring market, this really is the perfect time to groom your green space. Here are a few essential items you should do to prep your garden for the growing season:


  • Remove stones that have found their way onto the grass from the driveway
  • Pick up any fallen tree branches
  • Rake to remove dead grass and thatch
  • Make note of areas that could use a little patching and repair
  • Check for damage from snow mold, a turf grass disease caused by cool, wet conditions, appearing as a fluffy white, pink or gray residue on the lawn
  • Level bumps in the lawn by lawn rolling to make a flatter and safer surface to walk on and mow
  • Reseed where necessary
  • Fertilize to produce a hardier, healthier, greener lawn


  • Start the growing process by seeding indoors
  • Prep the beds by removing winter mulch and adding compost or garden mix
  • Give your shrubs a haircut through pruning
  • Plant hardy veggies like onions, sweet peas, cabbage, potatoes, and radishes
  • Divide perennials before their growth spurt and share with friends!

Following these basic guidelines of early lawn & garden care in your spring clean up routine, should produce good results. Remember, a healthy summer green space starts with spring maintenance!

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