From Tears to Cheers! - Another Satisfied Client

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“Sean ‘rescued’ me when my house in Burlington was being unsuccessfully listed for sale through another agent. I was having a poor and stressful experience with this Burlington agent and called Sean for help. Within 24 hours paperwork was signed, he immediately produced coloured brochures, photos, had it on MLS and he even created a website for the property. Within 48 hours he had sold my house with no stress and exceptionally close to the price in which I had expected to sell at. Sean remained calm, professional, polite, knowledgeable and explained everything thoroughly with none of the superficiality that I had experienced with the previous realtor – I would not hesitate for a moment in recommending him – thanks Sean”.

Vanessa Brown

I met Vanessa at a community event I was sponsoring. She told me that she was selling her home and was using the realtor that found her the property and which she had a previous relationship with. Weeks after, she had called me and explained that she had dissolved her relationship with the previous realtor for several reasons, but the main reason being the house just wasn’t selling. She was emotionally upset at how she was treated and was on the verge of tears as she explained her experience with the other agent. I told her I was willing to help and get her home sold. Within 24 hours we had it re-listed with a professional marketing strategy in place and ended up selling it 2 days later for 99% of the asking price.

If you are looking for results, give me a call and I will be happy to explain how I market homes and get them sold.

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