Get Your Home Spring-Ready!

Will it be basking in the beauty of your yard or patching and pruning the hours away?

There’s no need to wait for high temperatures to get your home and garden ready for summer. Some jobs will have to wait for the warmer weather, but getting a jump on things now will allow you more time to enjoy all the activities you’ve been dreaming of since last October.

Here are some general suggestions to help you prepare your home and garden to spring into Summer and help you get outside a little bit more.

  1. Start with the exterior of your home. Scan the roof for any missing or damaged shingles, paying special attention to chimneys and vents.

  2. Check that there are no bushes, seedlings or climbing plants within a foot of your air conditioning unit, and check that there are no animal nests inside.

  3. Make any necessary repairs, painting or replacement of lattice work or arbors that your plants will climb as well as railings and decorative wooden gardens structures.

  4. If you have a deck or porch, check for rot, mold and any loose nuts and bolts. Decks and porches should be cleaned and sealed every two to three years.

  5. Check your lawn mower for any necessary repairs; sharpen blades, and double check the lawn for any rogue rocks and pebbles tossed there by the snow blower.

  6. Repair, clean and sharpen any gardening tools such as shovels, pruning shears and spades, try preparing a bucket of motor oil and sand to keep your tools clean and oiled throughout the summer.

  7. Pull weeds, cultivate and aerate your soil while it’s still a little moist, it will save you time and effort when you are ready to plant flowers.

  8. Fertilize your bushes and trees, the frequent rain of this season will carry the nutrients right down through the ground to the roots and add strength to larger plants.

  9. Some vegetable seeds prefer the cooler weather to germinate. Seeds such as carrots, lettuce, parsley, and peas, as well as annuals like bachelor’s buttons can be planted directly into your garden once it has been tilled and prepared.

As you patiently wait for the summer weather don’t be shy, get out into the fresh air and help your home and garden prepare to burst with colour! Take a little extra time now to do the leg work required to ensure that your summer will be restful and enjoyable.

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