Good Painting Weather

What type of weather can you paint in?  Well if you are painting outdoors the ideal exterior temperature would be above 10 degrees celsius day and night with no more than 85% humidity, this will allow your product to apply correctly. Read the labels, it is important when using Latex or Alkyd paints  to understand how they are to be applied, they apply differently each product has a proper surface application. There are products in our market today that are designed to be applied in low temperatures and stains for those damp woods that you can't seem to get protected because it  is always is raining or it is in a moist location.  Do not apply any product in direct sunlight, it is best to paint a West or North facing surface in the morning and East and South facing surface in the late afternoon or evening.  When the surface is warm or hot to touch it is too difficult to paint it.  The product will not apply properly and may not adhere to the surface.  Check with your local paint store for all your painting needs.

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