To Stage or Not To Stage

We recently showed two homes for sale in Milton.  The first one was vacant and unfurnished, there was a small 'please remove your shoes' sign, which was clearly disregarded as the laminate floors were covered in dusty shoe marks, the lights were off and the air was stale.  The second property, also vacant, was properly furnished.  There was even a nice bouquet of fresh flowers sitting on the breakfast bar.  The lights were on and the HVAC was running so we were breathing in fresh air.  Two identical properties, listed at the same price - which one was likely to sell first and for how much?  

A vacant property is very difficult to connect with on an emotional level, if not impossible.  Without furniture, most buyers lack the ability to envision furniture placement, functional use of space and the general flow of a house.

Unfurnished spaces are very cold and difficult to connect with.  Fewer people will fall in love with the home and there's more hesitation progressing from the lukewarm "I could see myself living here" to the hot "I can't live without" feeling.  

By staging a home, your odds of truly connecting with a buyer increases dramatically and, when emotions are involved, people pay more money.  More often than not, the cost of staging is offset by a higher selling price and often results in putting additional money back in your pocket.  

The selling price, however,  is only one component of the sale.  Staged homes typically sell quicker and garner more interest, often resulting in multiple offers, giving you more negotiating power.

Everyone's expectations and motivations are different.  Staging isn't for everyone, however if you have a home to sell that's not furnished properly or is vacant and completely unfurnished, consider the benefits of staging the home.  We work with a series of businesses to make the process of staging and selling your home a breeze.  From colour selections to furniture placements, we manage the process from beginning to end.


Home Staging - Before and After

Home Staging - Before and After



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