Lest We Forget - A Post for Remembrance Day

Have you ever thought about what you love?
Our spouses and families - we can't imagine where we'd be without them. Our friends - providing smiles and support as long as we can remember. Our homes - we've spent endless amounts of time and money personalizing and updating our houses.
Over the years, we've accumalated many belongings that hold great sentimental value to us.

The list could go on and on. We have so much to love and hold close to our hearts. Our lives are precious.
But now, imagine giving it all away - everything you love, everything you have worked for. It is an impossible thought. But there are those that have done it willingly.

Today is Remembrance Day, and I am posting this as a salute to our armed forces and their families. As you set aside a time of silence in your busy workday, spare another moment to think about everything they truly gave for our freedom. They are not just shadows in our pasts, but real people who had lives and families just as we do. It is a sacrifice that borders on the unthinkable - and for that, we can only be truly grateful.



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