Looking to Add New Living Space to Your House?

     "Renovating a full-height basement can be a relatively easy and cost-effective way to add new living space to your house. But is your basement really a good candidate for a renovation?

     If your basement isn’t high, dry and sound, you should correct these problems before starting renovations.

     If you are planning a basement renovation, you should inspect your basement for possible problems.

  • Must you stoop to avoid bumping your head on a beam or duct?
  • Are there intermittent or permanent traces of moisture or mold on the floor or walls?
  • Is there a persistent musty odour in clothing and other objects that are stored in your basement?
  • Are there cracks as wide as a pencil, or that appear to widen or shrink, in the walls or floor?

     If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” you should include the costs of fixing these problems in your budget." (CMHC)

     The Case Study on Basement Renovations provides a significant amount of information on identifying the measures required to reduce humidity in basements of homes with excessive moisture levels, to remediate the basements, and to measure the results of these changes.  

To view a copy of the Case Study on Basement Renovations, click here.

Also, for more information, visit Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation's website.



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