Lower Hamilton's Grand Neighbourhoods.

This blog is to take the reader on a small visual tour of the grand neighbourhoods of lower Hamilton, Ontario. My last post discussed the character, perception and vast neighbourhoods of the capital of the Golden Horseshoe but this piece will accentuate the stately homes and the areas that these homes occupy.

  First, I start on a drive down Delaware just west of Gage Park and south of Main Street East to the Area of St. Claire. These homes were built, as are most in this tour, in the early half of the Twentieth Century and some of these streets also boast cultivated boulevards.

Delaware East Bound

Delaware and St.Claire

Delaware and Eastbourne


 Homes in this area have sold for an average of about $225.00 per square foot over the past three years and many of these homes are an affordable alternative to communities east up the QEW. There has been a plethora of press about Hamilton's affordable and active real estate market and for very good reason, the quality and old time craftsmanship of these homes are to be embraced and promoted.

  Moving westward across the city to the area south to the escarpment and west of James St. is the Durand. Few areas in Canada can one find such great houses built early in the last century and showing such magnificence. Take a tour along Aberdeen and discover the homes that adorn the streets and side streets.


Ravenscliffe West View


Selling prices in the Durand vary greatly as the size, design and location command varied results. An eight bedroom and five bath home can sell for over $1.2 million but the average is just over $400,000.00 equalling under $200 per square foot. A welcome relief to the north easterly cities and mortgage payments that may even be less than Toronto monthly rents.

  This tour concludes with a drive west on Dundurn to Longwood and north on Longwood to King St. West and west towards McMaster University on Sterling Ave. into an area south of the Cootes Paradise aviary west of Churchill Park. Homes in this north Westdale Village command about $320 per square foot, but again, a fraction of Toronto prices only 45 miles south west from Toronto on the westerly corner of Lake Ontario.


Oaknoll and Dalewood

Dalewood Cresent



Thank-You for taking this tour of Hamilton's grand neighbourhoods. Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian, Stuart, Tudor and English Cottage all have their touches on these homes. Stained and leaded glass, oak, pocket doors, slate shingles, multiple fireplaces and field-stone supports many of these homes and many homes throughout the city. Not all homes in these areas are this grand but there are also many more that are as well. Hamilton is a city that knows its own architectural treasures and as the areas population continues to expand and its image changes, the rest of Southern Ontario will discover what we already know, Hamilton is a city to live, invest and grow.


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