Multiple Offer Situation for Buyers

Multiple Offer Situations for Buyers

I have been involved in two multiple offer situations in the past two weeks and felt I should blog a bit about this to help future potential buyers.


(This is one of the homes that had multiple offers)

What are they?

A Multiple Offer Situation is when more than one buyer wants to present an offer on a property at the same time. The relationship between the buyer and the seller goes from a negotiation to an auction, with the highest bidder winning. The Buyers have to compete to get an accepted offer.

3 Ways a Buyer can Win in a Multiple Offer Situation:

1) Hire a good Realtor who specialises in the type of property or area you are interested in. Ask them how many times their buyers have been successful in a multiple offer situation. The more success the better.

2) Be prepared! Make sure you are pre-qualified with a mortgage broker or your bank. This means you will have a written confirmation about how much they will loan you. Get as much information about the property that you can before you write an offer.

3) Know what you want to spend before you write the offer. It’s very easy to get caught up in a multiple offer situation. Your Realtor should do an independent market analysis on the property to give you an idea of value. Decide what you want to pay before the offer is presented and stick to it.

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