New condo development in Hamilton repurposes church site

I’m a big fan of churches being creatively repurposed into unique and character-filled condos (I think Daredevil should live in this one). And I’m also a big fan of Hamilton. So when the people at Stanton Renaissance (known for their unique revitalization projects in Toronto and Etobicoke) told me about The Connolly project being built on James St. South in Hamilton, I got pretty excited.

One of the oldest churches in Hamilton, James Street Baptist Church, was originally scheduled for demolition. Now, its facade and east tower will be saved and used in the mixed-use development. That’s pretty cool, especially if you consider the history of the building and that fact that is a fixture in the landscape of the James Street South neighbourhood. And if that doesn’t already make you feel warm and fuzzy, think about the fact that parts of the insides (including the irreplaceable organ), were either salvaged, donated, or sold, with proceeds going to some local charities.

Named after the renowned church architect that designed the church, Joseph ConnollyThe Connolly will contain commercial and residential units, all the fancy building features you’d expect, and since I donate to the Suzuki Foundation, the extravagant eco features also turn my crank. And, in case you didn’t already know, Hamilton is an amazing place for real estate investment.

I can help you with purchasing the perfect home for you. If you’re interested in The Connolly, or purchasing a property in general, let’s chat.

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