Oakville: Protection, Safety and Education to the Public

We at times may take for granted the services that our town provides for us.  The Oakville Fire Department is rich in its history and we should honour and respect its devotion, community spirit, passion for public safety and helping people. Our fire fighters risk their lives 365 days a year to ensure the safety of Oakville residents and visitors. For more information, visit the Oakville Fire Department

The Oakville Fire Department Hot Links provides invaluable information that can save your life, such as: Product Recalls and Saftey Issues; Saftey Information for Home and Play; and Home Fire Saftey, just to name a few. The beneficial information is too numerous to mention.

We are fortunate to live in such a superb town, that provides us with exceptional services that protect our town and most importantly - protect us.

The following Oakville Fire Department video offers a little history and presents us with a greater appreciation for one of the many fine services available to all in our wonderful town.





Keep safe; be well; and value all the fine services provided by the town of Oakville!



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