Oakville Real Estate Careers: CENTURY 21 Miller announces new Director of Career Development

Bill Miller, Broker of Record/Owner, CENTURY 21 Miller Real Estate Ltd, Oakville, is delighted to announce the appointment of Linda Cameron-Turchet as CENTURY 21 Miller's new Director of Career Development.
Prior to joining CENTURY 21 Miller last year Linda was previously with another Top 21 CENTURY 21 office and she brings many years of experience both in selling real estate and in training/coaching real estate salespeople to successful careers.

Linda is currently working on training and career development with our new salespeople who are in the active training phase, as well as with our PEP coaching group. Linda also offers "Back to Basics" training and coaching sessions for all salespeople who are interested in brushing up their skills in lead generation, business planning, negotiation etc: and all CENTURY 21 Miller salespeople are able to use the invaluable resources that Linda provides.

We are delighted to welcome Linda to our management team!

Linda Cameron-Turchet, Broker/Director of Career Development

"I have been a REALTOR since 1999 and joined the CENTURY 21 family at CENTURY 21 Millennium in Brampton at that time. Prior to that, I was in a management position for 15 years. After receiving my Broker's licence in 2003 I became a mentor to new salespeople, which led me to become the Trainer at CENTURY 21 Millennium in 2005.  In 2011, I got married and moved to the Oakville Burlington area, at which time I joined the CENTURY 21 Miller office.

 When Sheena Curran approached me regarding becoming the new Director of Career Development, here at CENTURY  21 Miller, I was thrilled.  It is my passion and I love to work with and watch Salespeople grow and become knowledgeable, confident REALTORS. 

I bring many different ideas to the table and am continually upgrading and searching for new ideas.   Through conferences, seminars and gathering pertinent information, I bring ideas from Mark Leader, Chris Leader, Mike Ferry, David Knox, Richard Robbins, the CENTURY  21 system, CREATE  21 and more.  I have completed several  Leadership courses and Management seminars.  I have been a member of, and chaired several committees within the Real Estate Board.

 In the training program, I will be offering: 

¨ One-on-one training, so you can be comfortable and confident quickly

¨ Group training in the classroom with role playing and discussion

¨ Technology applications to help  keep your business on the cutting edge of  our ever changing marketplace

¨ Business  Planning to help you set and work toward your goals

¨ Time Management to help continually and effectively grow and maintain your business

¨ Coaching and mentoring program to keep you on track with your goal

¨ Back to Basics program  for experienced  Salespeople to renew, refresh and learn new tools and ideas

 I am excited and I look  forward to being an integral part of a great management team in a progressive, while caring, office."

 Linda Cameron-Turchet


Considering a Career in Real Estate? 

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