Oakville Real Estate Careers: "It is extremely valuable to have a program like this for new salespeople..."

"I was part of the 90 Day Challenge Program at CENTURY 21 Miller Real Estate. Within those few weeks I noticed a swift change in the time management of my business. I was much more aware of how much time was allocated to which activity. This awareness helped me focus on building tools and strategies which I began to further develop to increase production. After gaining 2 clients in a week I realized that this is the great feature about the 90 Day Challenge: if you stay honest to yourself and your productivity you will see an increase in your business. Also, this program can be picked up at any time. With busy schedules it is often hard to have time on specific days and hours for class, but this is self driven, with a manager acting as an anchor and accountability coach. It is extremely valuable to have a program like this for new agents, and I am sure any agent at any level of their career could benefit from the regiment and accountability of the 90 Day Challenge. Thank you, CENTURY 21 Miller, for designing fantastic and production increasing program to cater to different learning personalities!"

Kristyna Mracek, Sales Representative, CENTURY 21 Miller


Our real estate career training works
We provide exceptional real estate career training and support.  We receive many, many, testimonials from satisfied salespeople who have joined our company and launched successful real estate careers. 
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