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Sa'ad Ismail Oakville Real Estate


"When I received the news that my former brokerage (Brekland Realty) was being closed down, and that, as salespeople we were no longer able to trade in real estate unless we signed with a new brokerage, it was pandemonium for the next week. Many of my colleagues made very quick decisions and within a day or two of the suspension they had already signed with other brokerages.  This was a decision that I knew was going to require some time and careful consideration. I met with twelve brokerages in the Oakville Burlington area, and all were bending over back wards to have us on board.  They were offering reduced commission splits, and free monthly fees among many other incentives.  I found myself wondering if their current agents were receiving the same deals, and if not, how are they going to feel knowing that we are getting special treatment? How will we be treated by fellow agents? Does this Brokerage have the infrastructure in place to facilitate all the new sales people? With so many questions and concerns, and so many meetings in such a short period of time, my head felt like it was about to explode.  It was then that I decided to call on a brokerage that wasn't sending me multiple emails, and calling me trying to get me to sign.  I decided to call CENTURY 21 Miller. From the moment I made that phone call I was warmly received. My first conversation was with Sheena Curran on the Friday, who was very kind and accommodating.  She set up an appointment for me to meet with Bill Miller on the Saturday.  This was the first time I had visited the brokerage, and I was very impressed. The office was very clean and professionally designed.  I was greeted at the front desk by Reception, who were very kind and inviting.  The brokerage was equipped with many offices, boardrooms, training rooms, and workstations.  I felt that I had reached a brokerage that truly cared about their sales reps.  I had the pleasure of meeting with Bill Miller and I have to say, I learned more from him in that one meeting, than I did in all the other meetings combined. Many things I will remember from that meeting but the one thing he said that stuck in my mind was "there is not one person in this office that I would not introduce to my family".  I also respected the fact that he was not offering us any special incentives, we were to be treated like all the other agents, and those two comments really made me confident that I was joining a brokerage with stability, and a strong foundation that would allow me to grow and succeed.
Within the next few days I was introduced to many kind and helpful people, it was then I knew that I had made a very wise decision.    CENTURY 21 is a great brand name, but it is the people here that make this office exceptional. I am proud to be a part of CENTURY 21 Miller and look forward to getting to know everyone in the near future."


CENTURY 21 Miller Real Estate Ltd, Oakville, is delighted to announce that Sa'ad Ismail has joined the Brokerage as a Sales Representative.

Sa'ad can be reached at 905.845.9180 or saad.ismail@century21.ca 


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