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Your Home Team

Linda Cameron, Broker
Sherif Mekhail, Sales Representative

CENTURY 21 Miller Real Estate Ltd, Oakville, is delighted to announce that Linda Cameron, and Sherif Mekhail of Your Home Team, have joined their brokerage.

Your Home Team with Linda Cameron and Sherif Mekhail brings together their strengths and differences..always in keeping with the same core values and belief system. They have known each other for 20 years and bring a sense of humor, kindness and professionalism to your table.


Linda Cameron has a lot of personal experience in moving as she grew up in a family that was transferred frequently due to her father's profession.  She started volunteering in the hospital in her early teens and continued by going into nursing.  She loves meeting new people and takes joy in watching them be able to achieve their dreams. She has an understanding of the range of emotions involved in moving and knows how to minimize the stress. 

Sherif Mekhail comes from a pharmaceutical family that has taught him the importance and enjoyment of caring for patients. Working with them on an individual basis was a great way to build lasting personal relationships that went far beyond treatment. Sherif was privileged enough to take this experience with him to out reach efforts in Maseno, Kenya. Here he worked in treatment centers, spoke about education and above all, helped build homes for those who could not do so themselves. Providing a home to others quickly became a passion of his! Throughout these experiences Sherif enjoyed studying many things in the GTA, from engineering and marketing, to industrial and interior design. The cumulative experiences from these fields support his passion for people and providing exceptional service, that always surpasses expectations and is always done with a smile.


Linda can be reached at 905.845.9180 - linda.cameron@century21.ca 
Sherif can be reached at 905.845.9180 - sherif.mekhail@century21.ca



CENTURY 21 MILLER REAL ESTATE provides real estate services to Oakville, Milton, Mississauga and Burlington and adjoining communities of Ancaster, Dundas, Hamilton, Stoney Creek, as well as extended coverage throughout the western Greater Toronto Area:


  • PROFESSIONAL, EXPERIENCED, well trained salespeople
  • Exclusive AIR MILES Reward Miles Program
  • CENTURY 21 CONNECTIONS:  Movers, Home Inspections, Title Insurance and more 
  • VALUE ADDED PROGRAM - THE BRICK, RCI Resorts Condominiums and more
  • RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL and LUXURY HOMES real estate services
  • RELOCATION and REFERRAL services
  • AWARD WINNING office - FRANCHISEE OF THE YEAR Award Winner 2006
  • Award winning EASTER SEALS Fundraising Office
  • CENTURION Office Award winner since 1986
  • Independently Owned and Operated




At CENTURY 21 Miller Real Estate, all new salespeople are provided with a multi-tiered training experience. It's been a huge reason for our growth and success.

The CENTURY 21 organization is renowned for its comprehensive online training program, The CENTURY 21 Learning System, which not only provides training and development programs for new and existing salespeople, but also for administrators and broker/managers as well.


CREATE 21 is CENTURY 21's award winning new salesperson training program. This program provides a spaced learning experience with 12 live, on line, paced sessions to make it convenient for the students to fit it into their busy lives. CREATE 21 gives new salespeople a head start in the business and allows them to hit the road running. Instructors coach and guide the students through their work and provide follow up for a further 3 weeks after the initial training. 

We are very excited about this program as we are seeing the results it brings. The CREATE 21 training program has been recognized mulitple times by Training Magazine in its Top 100 Training Program Awards.  


In addition, our customized in-house training gives our new salespeople the opportunity to develop and polish their skills in the context of the actual local market place.  We discuss in depth the correct procedures for all of the situations the salesperson is likely to find themselves in.  The best part for most of our students is our role playing sessions where they get to practice and improve their skills at presenting and negotiating. 


The CENTURY 21 System intranet also provides additional training materials and up to 120 hours of additional online training modules available every month - its called our Virtual Solutions Series as it provides the help that salespeople need when they need it.


All of our salespeople get a complete technology package too courtesy of CENTURY 21:  a full, customizable personal website, marketing templates, a virtual online office that provides a complete suite of business tools like email, blog, contact and lead management, and lots more.  This kind of technology package would cost thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars, if salespeople had to go out and purchase or develop it themselves, not to mention the time factor and effort involved.  Full training is provided on all aspects of the technology package:  online training guides, video training segments, and one-on-one hands on training by our admin staff. 


Considering a Career in Real Estate? 

For more information on the CENTURY 21 Learning System and our real estate training courses and career development plan, please contact us at millerrealestate@century21.ca or visit our Real Estate Careers website at www.careersinrealestate.ca.   Follow us on Facebook Oakville Real Estate Careers

Oakville Real Estate Careers

Our real estate training works!

CREATE 21 Canada, the first step in the CENTURY 21 Learning System, is a 3 week, live internet based course that comes complete with demonstrations via the Internet, homework, break-out rooms, and an online resource library. Each student also receives a complete downloadable course book and is provided with follow up coaching sessions.
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