Oakville's Disappearing Postman

If you live in Oakville and you don’t see your mailman this fall, it’s not because you forgot to leave him a Christmas present.  Oakville and Kanata are the first two Ontario areas that will be directly affected by the service cutback and are among the first 11 areas that will switch to collecting mail at community boxes as Canada Post phases out their door-to-door delivery service.  The phased-in changes come as a result of the drop in mail volume, and the corresponding loss of jobs at the crown corporation. 

About 26,400 Oakville addresses (postal codes starting with L6H, L6J, L6K, L6L, and L6M ) will be affected as part of the first stage of Canada Post's five-year plan.  During this first stage, only a few neighbourhoods will be affected and for the most part, these neighbourhoods are near areas that already have existing community mailbox infrastructure in place.  While door-to-door delivery will continue for businesses, some Oakville residents may find it to be a bit of an adjustment as they bundle up and walk Fido over to the mailbox each day in the winter.

Prospective Oakville homebuyers (or sellers, for that matter) need not be concerned about this change.  Canada Post will eventually be making these changes on a much larger basis.  There’s no reason for a buyer or seller to think that the change makes Oakville any less convenient in terms of service provision than any neighbouring town.  Besides, these neighbourhoods will likely begin the conversion in the near future.  Seniors and persons with disabilities should not be concerned either, Canada Post has committed to ensuring that no one is left behind from accessing their mail service.

In addition, Canada Post has committed to coordinating the location of the community mailboxes with municipal officials.  Hopefully, the new community boxes will be conveniently placed for residents, and unobtrusive for the community aesthetic!    

For more information, please visit CTV News or The Globe and Mail.  

Community MailboxesDarcy Wilson 

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