Organizing 101: Spring Cleaning

‘Tis the season to give your home the clean sweep and get on top of your home organizing. Spring-cleaning shouldn’t take all spring. To save time, get organized and follow these steps:

Space to work: move furniture to the center of the room. Quickly vacuum or sweep. Temporarily relocate loose objects from the tops of dressers, night tables and any other surfaces to another room.

Ceiling, lights: cleaning ceiling with a soft broom or extendable duster; wipe ceiling light fixtures—turned off and cooled down—with a damp rag.

Walls: repair cracks and touch up paint. If ambitious, sponge walls with mild cleaner like Murphy Oil Soap, or use an all-purpose cleaner or a little soap and water around light switches and doorknobs to erase visible fingerprints and marks.

Windows: nothing says spring like sparkling-clean windows. For inside and out, use a squeegee and sponge, rags for drips and a ladder for second storeys and tall windows.

Beds: vacuum or steam-clean your mattresses then open windows to let everything air out. Flip mattresses before making the bed with fresh linens.

Closets: switch summer/winter wardrobes and purge unwanted clothing. Instead of doing a major closet reorganization, add quick fixes like shelf dividers, an extra closet rod, and sweater organizers, baskets, and quality hangers.

Wood furniture: dust, then damp-wipe with a gentle cleaner like Murphy Oil Soap. Apply polish if you desire, use a soft cloth and rub in the direction of the wood grain.

Floors: steam-clean carpets, vacuum and wash tile or hardwood floors.

Tabletops: dust, or wipe with a damp cloth.

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