Preparing to Sell Your Home

Are you planning to move in 6 months or more?  Prepare for the sale now and enjoy the benefits of your hard work.

Here are a few tips on things you can do ahead of time:


Dated brass hardware does that to the first impression of buyers -- ages the home.  The more work a prospective buyers sees in a home, the more they will devalue the property and find reason to either not consider it at all or believe they have reason to negotiate.  Replacing door hardware is a relatively low cost when considering the value of the property.  If you're planning well in advance of listing your home for sale keep an eye on your local hardware store flyers for some great deals!  Alternatively, a quick/temporary fix is to give your hardware a make over; check out our Pinterest page for details.


Not only will new light fixtures instill the idea that there are plenty of upgrades throughout the house, lighting is a key element when selling!  Purchase lights that have multiple light bulbs to ensure rooms are well lit -- and don't forget to keep the lights on during showings; check out this video about keeping lights on.


Most people don't get around to painting until it's time to sell and never get a chance to enjoy it; so, get started now!  Also, while you may love that bright yellow kitchen and fuchsia master bedroom, buyers can't see past bright colours that don't appeal to them and will associate additional work and therefore diminish the value.

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