"Sean was exactly what we were looking for" - Their Words, Not Mine! - By Sean Kavanagh

When we decided to sell our home we were very nervous about picking the right agent for us. We decided to go to open houses and find one in action. Many agents were either to aggressive or sitting at a table on their phone. Sean was exactly what we were looking for. He had a beautiful brochure of the home and was very knowledgable about the features of the house. We decided to ask Sean to come and meet with us. We also asked other agents with signs all around the city to come as well. After all the interviews, Sean was by far the best. He respected us from the moment he stepped into our home. He had a plan of action and knew what he was talking about. Best decision we made. 

Sean helped us look at many houses. This Market was very stressful buying in and Sean helped us not lose hope. The night we found our house, I had emailed Sean three that we wanted to look at. He told us that he also had one that we should see. You will never guess the house we bought. He knew exactly what would be the right fit for us and it was a house that we had over looked. If it wasn't for him taking us there, we would not be as happy as we are now. That is an agent who knows his clients.

After buying, we now had the task of selling. We were very nervous but Sean told us to trust him and he will sell our home. We listened and he came through. We got the most money we could get for our home because of his strategy and hard work. We can truly say that if we would have hired anyone else we would be in a very different situation right now. Selling/buying a home should be left in the hands of someone who understands completely that this is your life your trusting them with. Sean does understand that. 

Honestly, if you just have a meeting with him you will see why we used him and why you will as well. 

Thank you again, 

Kim, Nick and Zoey Zanello.


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