Sold in 8 Days 108% of Asking 42 Humberside Ave. Toronto



At times being a Realtor provides a great sense of accomplishment and for me this has been one of those times.

I listed this wonderful home on September 26th 2012 for $799998 & Sold it within 8 Days for $865000, thats 108% of Asking.  One of the things we learn quickly as agents is that every clients needs are different and it is our job tio listen, understand and find an effective listing startegy that suits their requirements.  If you have ever Sold a home im sure you understand the difficulty, hassle and hard work that goes along with constantly keeping a house in showroom condition.  You may have caught yourself asking; how long will I have to go on living like this.  It can be extremely overwhelming.  Can you imagine how much more difficult it would be with a newborn, a toddler, and a 9 Year Old.  Well that was the case with my clients.  After some careful consideration we decided to price the house aggresively so that my clients could get back to their regular way of life without the constant cleaning, and vacating of the house with kids in toe at a moments notice.   I am happy to say that our plan worked perfectly.  After a short vacation my clients returned to their home to find multiple offers waiting for them at the door.  Needless to say my clients and I were very happy with the result.  We acheived the highest sale price on the street in the lease amount of time.

    If you would like to learn more about how I can make your transaction, and transition as strees free and quick as possible please contact me; I would be happy to give you a free home evaluation or possibly some guidance over the phone. 


42 Humberside Ave.

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