Summer Home Maintenance Tips!




  1. Clean and check range hood filters over stoves on a monthly basis.
  2. Check basement pipes for condensation or dripping.
  3. Refill floor drain in the basement.
  4. Run water in fixtures that aren’t used on a regular basis (i.e. laundry tub, spare bathroom sink and tub or shower).
  5. Deep clean carpets and vacuum the bathroom fan grille.
  6. Clean the duct connected to the dryer by unplugging the dryer and disconnecting the duct connected to the dryer. Then clean the duct with your vacuum.
  7. Check windows, door hinges and garage door openers for smooth operation and lubricate if necessary.
  8. Make sure water is not leaking into your house along the electrical conduits.
  9. Check all paint and caulking.
  10. Repair driveways and walkways as needed.


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