The Most Active Real Estate Communities in Oakville

Being a town with some of the most in-demand real estate in the entire country, Oakville is divided up into a number of different real estate communities, each with their own varying levels of demand. Below find a list for December 2015 of the most active communities in the town of Oakville in terms of real estate sales transactions.

The Most Active Real Estate Communities in Oakville: December 2015 by % of Sales Transactions

1. Bronte 16.1%
2. River Oaks 13.6%
3. Westoak Trails 9.3%
4. Glen Abbey 7.6%
5. Westmount  6.8%
6. West Oakville 6.8%
7. Falgarwood 5.1%
8. College Park 5.1%
9. Bronte Creek 5.1%
10. Old Oakville 5.1%

The Oakville community of Bronte once again held the number one spot in December as the most active real estate community in Oakville. Bronte’s strong showing in the market increased in December, accounting for 16.1 per cent of all real estate transactions in Oakville, up from 15.4 per cent in November.

Overall, real estate sales in Oakville were increasingly concentrated in December, with the top four communities accounting for nearly half of all activity in town. River Oaks had the single biggest increase in activity in December accounting for 13.6 per cent of all Oakville real estate activity,  up from 8.8 per cent in November.

Reappearing in the top 10 in December were the Oakville communities of Bronte Creek and Old Oakville, which have not typically been among the most active areas in Town.

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