The Power of Smell

When you are looking to sell your home, it is really important to make people feel so welcome that they can imagine themselves living there. One of the easiest ways to inspire a potential buyer is to fill your home with a welcoming and relaxing smell such as fresh flowers or baked goods. Yummy smells encourages a positive emotional response, which in turn help potential buyers feel comfortable in your home and more likely to make an offer

Here are 10 easy tips to help you use the power of smell to sell your home:

Empty garbage cans. Leftover food and waste can emit quite powerful odours that linger and spread like wildfire. Make sure you regularly empty and deoderize your garbage cans, especially right before showings.

Deodorize. It's commonly known that an opened box of baking soda in the fridge will keep food smells to a minimum, but you can also use a deoderizing powder or simple baking soda throughout your home. Sprinkle a little bit of the powder on carpets, fabric furniture and rugs, then vacuum up the visible powder to keep imbedded odours at bay.

Homemade potpourri. It’s simple and it’s effective. Add a couple sticks of cinnamon or sprigs of cedar to a boiling pot, allowing the subtle aroma to waft through your home. Keep the mixture hot as long as you like, topping up the water as it evapourates. Remember to never leave the stove unattended while using this pleasing scent-diffusing method.

Clean with lemon. Mix lemon and baking soda with water for an all-natural, powerful cleaning agent. This mixture can be used to clean everything in your home from the bathroom to most kitchen surfaces. The natural lemon scent will give your home a light, clean, fresh feel.

Fresh Baked Goods. The ultimate scent of home, fresh baking is key to making your house feel like home to anyone, visitors will envision themselves enjoying a cookie or slice of cake in their new home.

Light scented candles. Choose candle scents that are subtle and won't overpower your guests. Flavours that resemble baked goods or fresh laundry will do more for the atmosphere of your home than a musk or flowery scent, which can be overwhelming.

Fresh flowers. Whether they come from the local florist, the grocery store or your own garden, fresh flowers provide a natural, energetic fragrance as well as a touch of colour to your home.

Put on a pot of coffee. Even those who don’t like the taste of coffee often enjoy the smell of it brewing. Let the aroma of freshly brewed coffee filter through your home and warm up your living space.

Essential oil. Just a touch of an effective essential oil on the back of your couch or under a bed or on the corner of the rug will make a big difference in the overall smell of your home. Try cinnamon, peppermint, orange, clove or lavender, just a little dab should do the trick.

--Adapted from Article Source - "The Power of Smell", Talk 21 Blog,, August 31, 2011  

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