Top Tips for a Green Lawn this Summer!



Beautiful Lawn

Creating and Maintaining a lawn that will make your neighbours jealous takes time, dedication and a little bit of your love.  Follow some of our basic tips that will help you obtain that green lawn quickly, just in time for a BBQ!

Mowing your lawn

Mowing your lawn:

  • Mow the grass between a 3"-4" length.  Don't let it get any longer.
  • Don't set the mower too low.  Cutting the grass too short prevents the grass' roots to develop.
  • Mow your lawn when it is dry.  Mowing a wet lawn can cause issues/disease that will be difficult to rectify.
  • Maintain your mower, ensuring the blade is nice and sharp.
  • Use your mower in "mulch" mode.  Keeping the clippings in the lawn will give it the nutrients it needs.

Watering your lawn

Watering your lawn:

  • Keep your lawn watered on a regular basis to ensure the soil is kept moist.
  • When watering, ensure to soak it so that water penetrates the soil and not just the surface.
  • Do not over water the lawn and do not water when it is not needed. (when soil is already moist).
  • Water the lawn in the early morning.
  • Do not water in the evening.

Fertilizing your lawn

Fertilizing your lawn:

  • Use a compost to improve your soil - It can be applied any time.
  • Use a fertilizer which has the three major nutrients needed; Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus.
  • Use a slow release fertilizer before seeding and a fast release fertilizer after seeds have germinated.
  • You can fertilize any time of the year, just ensure you are using one created for that season.

Aerate your lawn

Aerate your lawn:

  • Aerate your lawn a couple of times per year.  Once in late spring and once in early fall.  This will allow good air and water flow to the soil.

End Result:

Beautiful Lawn




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