Types of Questions a Seller Should Not Talk About With a Buyer


Sellers never think they are saying anything that could come back to bite them. They want to be friendly and informative and helpful; even an innocent question could turn into a complicated answer, some of which could affect the seller in a bad way.

Here are questions that can cause problems in a transaction if the seller talks to the buyer

How long have you lived in the house?
If you've lived in the home for only a few years, the buyers might think you're selling because the home isn't what you thought it would be when you bought it; that something is wrong with it.

How many offers have you received?
If you have received a lot of offers and your home is not sold, buyers will wonder if there is something wrong. If you haven't received any offers, they will also think there is something wrong. You don't win anything by answering this question.

How much was your highest offer?
Hey, if you never ask, nobody ever tells you. That's the thinking behind this question. Sometimes, it is slipped in so quickly that a seller will respond without realizing it. You don't ever want to show your hand.

How fast do you need to move?
If you tell the buyer that your wife has been transferred and you wished you had sold last month, you are telling the buyer that you are desperate for an offer. Desperate sellers get low ball offers

Why are you selling?
If you answer this question, you may as well stencil on your forehead write a lowball offer.Even joking about it and saying, to make piles of money can backfire. Agents and buyers will judge you on this question and try to use the information against you. Just don't answer it.

What are your neighbors like?
People are judgmental. Don't give a buyer a reason to eliminate your home from their list of possibilities. If they want to know about the neighbors, let them talk to the neighbors without your input.

….So what should you do to avoid this conflict?
As the sellers you should not be home when a buyer comes through to tour. Not only does a seller's absence allow the buyer privacy and time to consider the home as her own. OR simply tell your seller to say “Please discuss that with my agent," as a way to defuse and deflect questions. I belive the Goldern Rule here is to be absent from your "open houses"  if the situation allows you to do so.


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