Wake up your lawn for spring selling

Have you been fighting the battle of the weeds, brown patches, or sprawling clover? When real estate professionals talk about curb appeal, it starts with the lawn. Now that spring is upon us and more people are heading out into the yard to tackle the issues left over from a long winter, here's some ideas on how to generate a lush, green lawn.

1) Never cut the grass too short! Leaving the grass longer protects the plant from the sun, keeps it strong and helps resist from weed and clover growth. A thick lawn is the best defence against weeds. Never cut the grass in extreme heat or water shortage as the short grass will burn and kill the plant.
2) When you cut the grass, do not rake or remove the clippings from the lawn. The clipping help keep the moisture in the soil and add nutients back into the ground.
3) Water in the early morning or early evening to increase absorption into the soil and to avoid evaporation from the sun.
4) Speaking of watering, remember to water well! The water needs to penetrate the roots and when the lawn is watered well, you can expect the grass to bounce back.
5) Reseed the lawn every spring and add fertilizer or enriched soil to help out the process.

Following these helpful tips will ensure your grass grows into a full, lush, green lawn.

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