The Big Freeze

Early September’s freak snowstorm threw Calgary for a loop. Hundreds of properties were damaged due to the weight of snow toppling over trees, gardens were frozen and killed instantly, and animals everywhere were left reeling with their main food sources covered in fluffy white stuff much earlier than expected.

While the majority of the damage has been cleaned up thanks to the City of Calgary, people are still trying to figure out what to do with the damage and how to repair it before the next big snow-dump hits Calgary.

If you are one of those people who could use some tips on how to proceed, this article is for you. Remember: it was a freak storm. Weather is expected to stay nice for the next two weeks, so do not stress yourself out and rush into getting everything sorted. You have time, and nothing is beyond repair.

First things first, help your trees. The City of Calgary has designated specific drop-off zones where you can take the snapped tree branches so they are off your property. Rather than leaving them on the ground to become a safety hazard when they are covered in snow, take them to one of these drop-off zones! Check the City of Calgary’s website for details.

The reason the branches snapped is because all the leaves were still on, acting as a block from the snow simply falling to the ground. When the wet, thick snow built up on all the leaves, it toppled entire branches—and in some cases, entire trees—over. If this happens again (although we hope it doesn’t!), shake the snow from the branches of your trees to prevent them from snapping.

Although the snow may have pre-maturely ended your gardening season, prevent it from affecting next season by closing shop for now. Follow all the procedures you normally would before winter—put stakes around the garden so you don’t shovel it away, add some fertilizer to the soil so it is ripe and ready for next spring, and salvage any flowers you can!

Make repairs to the infrastructure of your home, fence, deck—whatever was damaged by the falling branches or heavy snow. It is important that you do this now as repairs will be ten times more difficult to attempt during the wintertime when it is minus forty. It is also a major safety hazard, and will only decrease the value of your property. Remember: taking pride in your home means keeping it fixed up and safe for all occupants!

As previously mentioned, the snow we saw at the start of September was a freak storm and is unlikely to happen to such a devastating affect again. If you can clean up the mess that Mother Nature left, you will be one step ahead of her!

Good luck!

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