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First impressions matter, in the Calgary real estate market. Because of the choice that a buyer has, in the marketplace, a buyer’s first method of exclusion is based on a first impression. However, buyer’s can be doing themselves a disservice if they are excluding potential homes based solely on a first impression and sellers are definitely doing themselves a disservice if they are not showing their home in the best light. Here is an abbreviated list of improvements that a seller can make to easily improve the overall curb appeal of their home:

1. Make sure that lawn is kept mowed and in good condition and remove snow from walkways in the winter. This may seem obvious but I see houses for sale, with unkept yards and slippery side walks all the time.

2. Touch up any wear or fade on the exterior of the home or the fence or out buildings.

3. Fix any broken exterior structures/objects such as eaves-troughs, screens, fences, latches, gates, exterior lights, etc…. I could go on for several paragraphs about this one but I believe you get the idea.

4. Trim trees and bushes for a nice clean look.

5. Clear gardens and planting beds of any weeds.

6. Fix or update blinds and drapery.

7. De-clutter – this means that children’s toys and tools must be placed neatly in sheds and storage areas.

8. Pick up any and all dog feces from your yard.

Again, this list is highly abbreviated but it can give you an idea of what to look for. And, keep in mind that a buyer is much less likely to put an offer in on the home or even continue viewing the home at all if he/she has witnessed an overgrown yard, navigated through a jungle of toys and tools, tripped over an uneven sidewalk and struggled to get through the broken front door before even getting to the interior.


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