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"Honey, we are not in the suburbs anymore"!

I would like  to confess that living downtown for over a year has been a blast except for storage space. Small space and I are not best friends to say the least.  But, I have learned to live like a minimalist.  Purge, purge, purge is what I did a year ago. 

From 2200 square feet to 790 square feet. Just think about that for a moment.   I don't miss it one bit ( well except for the space). I could go on and on about the differences of living downtown etc. There are positives and negatives for sure.

Living downtown is a lifestyle choice.  Quality vs.quantity.  Yes, I pay for maintenance fees but it beats my 2 hours a day travelling time from work and home. Time that I could never get back.

Love where you live is what I believe now. It is not for everyone.   It is for specific someone. 



Monica Vera

Monica Vera

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