House cleaner, can I keep her?

Does anyone else have a laundry room shouting at them for attention? Or am I the only one who has too many clothes and oh so many shoes that are wandering aimlessly? My closet looks like a college dorm room that hasn’t shaken off a weeks’ worth of partying. It is so easy… company is coming over… I’ll just take this blouse here, take that lonely heel there, throw them in the closet, and close the door! Perfect! House is clean. Brilliant, only I am not fooling my housecleaner.

Shout out to Melissa Wilson from BeeClean! Not only does she do housecleaning, but this girl does just about everything and anything. She rescued my chiffon top from wrinkling, found the other half of the lonely pump and helped other items to the wash. She motivated me to get things done that I have just been too busy to do, but I know that it needs to be done before my husband blows a gasket. She helped me clean and organize the closet and laundry room. When we were done, I didn’t even recognize it. Did I really have hardwood floors buried under all those clothes and in such great condition? Not only did she re-unite me with my floors again, but when she left, she took everything with her. Melissa took the garbage out, dropped off some items for the thrift store and took the nicer items to a consignment store. She bagged and tagged everything and then sent me a message that I would be getting some money from the consignment store. WOW! This girl works hard and puts in so much effort and time to go that extra mile! So much appreciation for everything, Melissa! I highly recommend her for all your household needs and your clothes will thank you too!

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