Right Here Feels Right

Click—click—click goes the mouse as it flips through the pages of properties on the Matrix. Ahhh the life of a Realtor. I find solace in the central air that cools me in the office, meanwhile the sun blares a 40 degree heat blanketing the city in blistering temperatures. Six other bodies fill the room and we are all consumed with the glaring light our laptops provide, honed in on what is hot on the market, checking in on past clients, getting our Gold Scores up, and trying to close deals. We are consumed with the everyday grind and rustics of the job demands and we love it! Where else would we rather be? The beach perhaps, poolside maybe, martini glass in hand, one day, one can only dream… to get there, I must be here. Here in a cool, comforting office of companionship. I look around and feel gratitude for the friendships I have developed and for the advice given from colleagues. There really is no other place I’d rather be than right here.

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Monique Kaetler

Monique Kaetler

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