The Camping Trip

Marked the calendar, July 22nd, a family camping trip! -Just what I need for a little R&R on my birthday. A little bit of light reading, happy hour, and perhaps a mid-afternoon siesta on the gravity chair before dinner.

Day 1- The weather was just what the Okanagan ordered, sunny with a clear, blue sky. I laugh in the face of those who forecasted rain and thunderstorms. How could this weather produce such dismal tidings? My gravity chair unfolds and here I am about to soak in a little sun.

Day 2- Camp Life is good. Today is my birthday and I am about to embark on an adventure with my grandkids. The water feels great and the smile on their little faces as we splash one another is refreshing. I revel in this moment and feel great joy; it is times like these that I will treasure for the years to come. Umm what is that dark, ominous shadow moving in our direction?

Day 3- My slumber has been disturbed during many intervals throughout the night. Torrential rains harpoon my trailer, gusting winds wrestle us, the lightning blinds us and the thunder rumbles the ground below. ---This is a funny birthday present from Mother Nature--- The tarps mapped out all over our site keep us somewhat dry, when they are not in parachute mode, but only amplify the sound of that rain and thunder. Ugh, really all night and now all day--- this is awful.

Day 4- What’s that I hear? Birds chirping, crows cawing… could it be… the storm lifted and the sun is beaming, just in time to pack up camp. Tarps come down, the ground floor is dry, the trees are dancing and the glorious sun is shining. Camp rangers come out of refuge and tidy up the sites for the new arrivals and we are survivors who braved the wicked thunderstorm. Uncanny, that I look around and no-one understands the torment that we just endured for the last 2 days. It’s as if the entire storm never happened, didn’t blow through our campsite. It was simply just swept away.

This must be what it is like for my clients sometimes when they are preparing for a showing or an open house. They are frantically trying to dress up their house for potential buyers to view by cleaning, de-cluttering, making minor repairs or renos, landscaping etc. and no-one really understands what each seller endures as they prepare for that viewing. They walk through and leave, not really knowing the effort brought forth. But preparing for a showing, just like weathering the storm, is all worth it in the end!

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