A New Bathroom on a Budget

You don't have to own Google to afford an attractive bathroom. A completely redone bathroom, using good quality products from professional tradespeople would cost around $10,000. To redo your bath for that much or less, quality is the key word - you will find yourself focused on your ROI (return on investment). Here are a few do's and don't to help you reach your goal.

Avoid all temptation of cutting corners - even the small ones. The resale value and your ROI depends on following the proper building codes. Do it yourselfers or those handymen who do more than one area of expertise without the proper permit put home owners at risk when they go to sell.

Think simple. To stick within a budget, don't move the shower, sink and toilet - leave them where they are. Once home-owners get into moving the plumbing around, the finished product tends to have a much bigger bill stapled to it.




Be neutral. That doesn't mean stick to white or off white - Water colors also work. Use accessories to really accent the base color. You want to make it pop! Use soap holders, paintings, or storage units - the choice is yours so have fun with it!

Out with the old, in with the new. Ditching the retro light fixtures and replacing them with something modern can really liven up the room. For a "right now" difference change the vanity, the top and the bowl - or even just the top and bowl and simply  re-paint the exsisting vanity. Instant gratification!




Here are some absolute do not do's when renovating your bathroom:

1.) Carpet - Carpets harbour unsightly bacteria; especially when they're wet for hours.

2.) Discount Laminate - Cheap laminate floors expand when they get wet. If stone or tile isn't an option for you, be sure to choose a water resistant laminate such as bamboo.

3.) Toiletries - Guests over for dinner do not want to see your anti-itch cream when using the bathroom. Open storage is great, just be sure to choose what you display wisely.

4.) Wallpaper - No no no no no...no! Water resistant or not, if you're looking to accent the base color of your walls use small accessories such as towels, towel racks, or storage boxes. The wallpaper has got to go.