The Modern Kitchen

The “work triangle” of a kitchen has been around for decades. The idea was based around a single cook working in the kitchen, saved on building materials and allowed the cook to work in a step and turn fashion.

Families in this day and age are more likely to share the load which means kitchens have evolved into multi-purpose rooms. This becomes an opportunity to create zones; One for prep and cooking, the other for clean-up and baking. A two-sink layout lets everyone have a separate task and enough room to do it without running into one another. Another trend is having more than one refrigerator – Installing a bar fridge in an island as well as the traditional one. Great for hosting a get together – you can mix drinks and mingle without having your back to your guests.

Galley Kitchens are great if you have limited space. The opposite wall can be open to a living or dining space, or be set up for floor to ceiling storage. A similar option could be having your fridge, stove and sink in sequence allowing you to utilize all appliances with barely moving a step. Talk about efficiency.

To create a Feng Shui kitchen, place your stove in the center of the room. When you are at the stove, you should be at the “command” position. You should be able to see all entrances to the room and most of the room itself. If you need to have your stove against the wall, place a mirror above the stove so you can see the entire room.

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