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The Village of Slocan is a small, peaceful community at the south end of Slocan Lake where the Slocan River begins. However, it was not always so peaceful. During the 1890's, it was a bustling, boisterous, boomtown filled with hotels, saloons, pack teams, rail cars filled with ore, and miners in pursuit of the ever elusive "mother-load”.

Now, the city offers tranquil sights of the Slocan Lake and the Valhalla Mountain Range. Our village provides a school, a kiddie park, shopping, a gas station, auto repair, accommodations, post office, and restaurant. Several businesses are in operation here. There are two churches: St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church and St. Mary's Catholic Church. There is a bus service to local areas. 

Slocan is the launching point for the Evans Lake Trail into the Valhalla Provincial Park and the start of Rails to Trails at the south end of Slocan Lake to Winlaw, Passmore and South Slocan. Hike or bike the old railbed, go to the beach, walk the Springer Creek Campground Trails, use the new boatlaunch, or watch the clouds move across the narrow valley.


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