Nelsons Neighborhoods

Nelson’s Neighborhoods


The beautiful town of Nelson – for it’s size it sure has a lot to offer. It is a town known for it’s arts and culture, you won’t find anything else quite like it in the Kootenays. Nelson has a population of around 10,230 unique people. 10,230 people who chose to make this particular town home. Within the town there are three main residential areas, each possess their own characteristics plus a unique, historic and artsy downtown. One of the things Nelson is known for is its vast culinary sector – whatever you feel like eating, I guarantee you will find at least a few different options here. Nelson has more than 40 eateries and that’s not including all of the coffee shops, each with their own unique brews and breakfast/lunch menus. Within close proximity to the great Whitewater Ski Resort to keep you entertained in the winter. During the warmer months you will have endless outdoor activities to choose from. Camping, hiking, mountain biking, boating, kayaking, paddle boarding, and so much more. Kootenay lake proves to be the perfect place to make summer memories and enjoy life.


If you see a nelsonite on the street and ask them, “what is your favorite area in Nelson” they will more than likely have an immediate answer for you. Whether you’re thinking about moving here or an aged veteran to this mountain town be sure to think about which area suits you and your lifestyle the best! This post will detail the main neighborhoods within Nelson's city limits, I'll make another one soon for all those people who don't want to be right in town, as there are many beautiful areas surrounding Nelson as well. 



This neighborhood has lot’s going for it, located the closest to the lakeshore of all the neighborhoods. Fairview boasts generally bigger and flatter lot sizes than other areas of Nelson. It is an esthetically pleasing neighborhood housing a mixture of families and retirees. Homes in lower Fairview are a short walk away from Lakeside Park, the soccer fields and the Chakho Mika Mall. Homes in upper Fairview are a short walk away from the Rails to trails, and walking down to the lakeshore doesn’t take long either. Another nice feature, to walk to the Downtown core is approximately 20 minutes. It feels centrally located while also having the feeling of being far enough away from the hustle and bustle of Downtown.


Schools – Selkirk College, Hume Elementary School, L.V Rogers Secondary School, Nelson Christian Community School.


For Sale in Fairview – According to The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) there is eight homes (single family residential) currently for sale, and four vacant lots.


Price Range – For a single family residential home the average price is currently $447,375




In my humble opinion Gyro is more of a sub-area of Fairview than its own area. It is located in between Fairview and Downtown, on the hillside. Gyro is home to Nelson’s Hospital, and the infamous Gyro Park which has a nice outdoor swimming pool and playground. It is more difficult to find a flat lot in the Gyro area but the views really do make up for it. It is the smallest of all the neighborhoods and one of the great things about it is that Downtown is just down the hill and around a few corners!


For Sale in Gyro – According to MLS there are four homes for sale in Gyro, and two vacant lots.


Price Range – For a single family residential home the average price is currently $369,475



This area lives true to its name - uphill! It is located directly above downtown, and depending on how far up the hill you are located, downtown is as close as a block away. Uphill houses a wide variety of people of all ages. It is a stones throw away from Mountain Station which boasts tons of walking and mountain biking trails. Because of how Uphill is situated, sunlight seems to last all day and people living higher up on the hill are awarded year round views of the pristine Kootenay lake, as well as the mountains beyond. Uphill is home to many of Nelson’s most historic homes, giving it a different feel then you will find in any of the other neighborhoods.


Schools – South Nelson Elementary, Trafalgar Middle School, Kootenay School of the Arts, St. Joseph School, Distance Education School of the Kootenays.


For Sale in Uphill – According to MLS there are currently eleven homes and three vacant lots for sale in Uphill


Price Range -  For a single family residential home the average price is currently $482,545




This neighborhood is the farthest from the downtown core as well as the lake which leads to more affordable pricing. This factor allows many young families and first-time home buyers to make Rosemont their home. Many parts of Rosemont allow for great views of the lake as well as great views of Nelson itself. You can easily find a nice family home with a good sized lot for an affordable price in Rosemont. Home to the Granite Point Golf Club, Nelson’s outdoor skate park and bike park, and tons of walking trails!


Schools – Rosemont Elementary School, Selkirk College, SelfDesign High


For Sale in Rosemont – According to MLS there are currently sixteen homes and three vacant lots.


Price Range -  You can find housing in Rosemont for as low as $134,000. Average price for a single family residential home currently sits around $320,000




Without seeing downtown Nelson for yourself it’s hard to describe the uniqueness of it. Everything about it is inviting, and even better, it’s all walkable. Restaurants, coffee shops, shopping, and local stores galore! For the size there is a LOT to see, eat, and buy. Historic Baker Street is one of Nelson’s trademarks, along this street is where you will find the majority of downtown. On weekend nights these streets give way to an exciting night life with a great music scene. There is no lack of diversity here, you have to see it for yourself!

A few of My Favorite Things About Nelson –


During the summer months I must say that I’m pretty grateful to have multiple beautiful beaches to choose from. Whether you are traveling by car or by boat you will find a multitude of different beaches and swimming spots starting at Taghum and venturing on along the North Shore. If we’re in the mood to go to a beach where there likely isn’t anyone else there, we can, and that seems to be quite a rare commodity these days. As an avid lover of the outdoors, I never get bored with all the activities there is to do around here.


There’s so many local businesses’ in Nelson it’s hard to choose just a couple that I love, they’re all so diverse and enticing – that being said there are definitely some places that I don’t think I’d like being without.


  1. The Bambu Hot Yoga Studio.

By no means am I an advanced yogi, but this place is always so warm (literally) and inviting! As a beginner I like that they have so many different kinds of classes to choose from so that you can really get a feel for what suits you! In the colder months there is nothing better than a steamy yoga session.


  1. The Cloud Mountain Tea House

I went in here for the fist time the other day and I literally spent way too long trying to pick out my teas. There is SO many different kinds. The prices are great and although I want to I don’t think I’ll have to go back for awhile because the bags of loose leaf tea last so much longer than regular tea bags. They’re flavorful and delicious. If you love tea like I do this spot is definitely a must for you.


I would love to recommend a restaurant in town but honestly they’re ALL so amazing, wherever you choose to eat you won’t be disappointed.