It Takes a Team to Win!

As many of you know, one of my passions is basketball. I still play (albeit not well some days lol) and I coach.

Whether I'm coaching or playing, I always want to put together a team of players that bring a certain set (or sets) of skills and attributes to the game.  The skill set of one needs to compliment the skills of the other players for a well rounded team.  A team made up of great shooters will be on the wrong end of the scoreboard if they don't have anyone to pass them the ball.  A strong defence is critical but you can't win a game unless someone can score.  Many players are skilled in multiple ways but it takes the right mix of players to make a great team.

With Real Estate, the same principles apply.  You require a great REALTOR®, a great mortgage specialist, a great home inspector, and a great lawyer just to name a few for you to win.  With all of their specialized skills and expertise your great team will make it easier for you to experience success in buying your new home or selling your present home.

Go out, find that REALTOR® that has the team of professionals to help you succeed, and make real estate a Slam Dunk!

Murray Scotton

Murray Scotton

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