4 Weeks to K-Day

It is 4:00 am.  Exactly four weeks from right now, I will be driving down Whyte Avenue with my husband, on the way to check in to the University of Alberta Hospital.  I will be in surgery a couple of hours later, only to emerge after a few hours about four ounces lighter than when I went in.

My brother, on the other hand, lying in a room a few doors away, will be gaining about four ounces as he receives the four ounce kidney into his body.

I have been really calm about this til now...Now that I can count the weeks on the fingers on one hand, it is starting to become real.  Apparently, he will emerge from the surgery feeling great almost immediately as his kidney function changes from a dribbly 3% to a pumped over 90%.  His challlenge over the next several days (and his life) will be to ensure his anti-rejectioin drug cocktail works.  Apparently, I am going to emerge feeling like crap, being on my own cocktail of pain medications.

For those of you who have been through my Chameleon Communicator program, you will remember that I focus on people and results.  This is one time I am really glad I don't focus on process.  People focus means it is important to me that my brother lives and that he lives a much better life than he has with a dialysis treatment three times a week.  He gets to see his kids grow from curious, impulsive adolescents into adults with famiies and careers.  Results mean I am focussing on planning for a walk around the ward by the end of the first day, albeit slow, a brisker more confident walk on the following day, and within a week, walking like I am doing my 25km for the day on the Camino Trail in Spain. 

I think my kidney needs its rest.  Back to bed. 

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