Three Tips to Get More Accomplished

Use these strategies to become more organized, less stressed, and get more done each day.

In today's hectic lifestyle we all could use a few tips to become more organized, less stressed and accomplish more every day. 

TIP #1: Remove distractions. Multi-tasking seems to be a necessity these days, however, when you are trying to juggle lots of different priorities, your mind becomes cluttered with too many things at once.  Sometimes it is necessary to focus on the project or task at hand.  Try to prioritize, set everything else aside and focus on one task at a time.


TIP #2: Sort and Organize. Whether it is your email, snail mail or the lists of chores and projects collecting on your desk, sort the incoming information into one of the following categories: read, delete, or take action. Set specific times to deal with what needs to be done.


TIP #3: Action-oriented prioritizing. Decide on which things need action first; which have closer deadlines?  Use categories such as: call list, home list, office list, chores list, and project list.

Nadia Pardy

Nadia Pardy

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