Harbourfront Fact Sheet

1. Harbourfront is the only new private sector multimillion dollar development built uptown in the past 15 years

2. After the 2008 financial and economic crisis, Saint John lost the 2nd refinery and Irving Oil world headquarters. Harbourfront was the only private sector project that went ahead and, despite the many challenges it has faced, was completed and is an asset to the community.

3. The city wants to bring people back to live in the core. Harbourfront added 83 new homes in uptown Saint John in 2012 -- more homes than have been built in uptown Saint John collectively in the past 25 years.

4. The city's new municipal plan is founded on the idea of greater reliance on density and the uptown area. Harbourfront has built 81 homes on equivalent of three single detached home lots (about 3/4 of an acre).

5. Harbourfront is the single largest residential taxpayer in uptown Saint John.

6. The design of Harbourfront itself is unique for its architectural contribution to the Prince William Street design vocabulary. It’s the first time in the uptown that a residential project incorporated in its design something which is a commercial material -- the stone you see in most Prince William Street heritage buildings.

7. Harbourfront is the first true condominium project in New Brunswick. Others simply sold suites, rather than trying to create a community. Harbourfront includes amenities which are found in condominium projects in major cities, such as:

  •  Guest suite
  •  Fitness room
  •  Community room
  •  Theatre

8. Harbourfront is the first residential building in New Brunswick in the past 15 years that falls within the classification of a "High Rise" building under the National Building Code, thus requiring it to have far more extensive life safety systems.

9. Harbourfront is also environmentally friendly. Its two roofs are plazas to be enjoyed by residents of Harbourfront and citizens.



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