How to make your home the talk of the town!

House envy is becoming rampant amongst homeowners, especially as we turn to home entertainment as a cheaper alternative to in the recession. If you feel you need to up the ante in order to stay in the competition – fear not. A little change can go a long way – especially when it comes to your home – by adding a few additions, you’ll be greeting a queue of nosy neighbours in no time. Here are a few ideas to inspire you into becoming the source of envy amongst friends.


Chandeliers are the perfect way to make a dramatic statement without overwhelming anyone. They’re reasonably priced, yet can add a great deal of sparkle to any room. A crystal chandelier will look extravagant and soon attract the attention of your friends. Alternatively, a black chandelier can add a dramatic touch to a room to give a gothic feel.


Rugs are a great way to go if you want a small change to go a long way. The bolder the better – and introducing it into a room couldn’t be easier.

Air purifiers

For a modest touch air purifiers are the perfect addition to your home to impress your guests. They remove contaminants from the air – such as dust and smoke particles – to leave your home feeling fresh and clean. And if you have friends that are allergic to your pets, they won’t have an excuse anymore to not come and visit.

Modern sinks

Bathrooms are an easy room to concentrate on in order to make a little change to go a long way. A freestanding glass basin, paired with modern taps, is a simple way to give your bathroom a modern breath of fresh air.

Wall mounted electric fires

You want your guests to feel relaxed and feel at home, and what better to go about that than a fire? To mix modern with traditional, aa wall mounted electric fire is the perfect option. Picture the scene: you and your guests sat around the fire, mugs of hot chocolate in hand, talking about how lovely your home is.

Sofa made out of a vintage bath

For a real talking point, why not think outside the box? They’re rare to find but do exist – a free standing vintage bath with one side cut off and turned into a sofa. They may be quite cosy in size – but who else can say they own one?

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