Agents Arent' Just for Sellers

When selling a home it is natural to assume that you will require the help of a Real Estate Agent.

This is not always the case when Buying a new home. Why is that ? Does it not make sense to enlist the advice and experience of someone who makes it their business to know the current real estate market ?

A  Buyer's agent has the inside track when it comes to finding properties that are available for sale. Agents have access to listings services that are not available to the general public. They are also actively looking for opportunities such as homes that are for sale by owner or potential home sellers still contemplating listing their properties.

When selecting a Buyer's agent it is important to find one who will work for you and not the seller. An agent who is experienced and dedicated to you the Buyer, will work harder to show you more potential properties, keep you informed, answer your questions throughout the process, negotiate on your behalf, and concentrate on getting you the lowest asking price possible. During price negotiations, your agent is restricted from telling the seller any information about your other property transactions.