Buying or Selling Your Home in St. Thomas or London, ON

What is the best way to sell your house in the London, Ontario market in 2013?

Now there are many different ways to approach this question, and there are also many correct answers as well.

What has been working for me in today's market is the obvious things that are taken for granted most of the time. By that I mean the things that everyone would just assume every realtor would be taking into account. I have learned that most of the time however this is actually not the case, and realtors do not follow through with many of the "obvious" steps to a successful transaction.

First and foremost and likely most importantly having a very open relationship with my clients is key! I share all information as it comes, whether good or bad news it is has been essential in the process of any real estate transaction to have a good communication line going.  I think that we are all trying for the same goal and working as a team avoids any misunderstandings, or unrealistic expectations from developing along the route to a successful transaction.

Second would be pricing your property right for todays market. We are in a day and age where job/career security is hard to come by, many people are watching their pennies (as they should be) and that is reflecting in the prices the houses selling. It is important to find that dollar value when putting in an offer that will get a seller to accept, but at the same time create a feeling that you received a great deal at the same time. This is a challenge that I enjoy working with and is unique with every client, and property that I have come by.

Lastly would be using a team atmosphere! Let's be honest, it is 2013, every person in southwestern Ontario who is looking for a property is a realtor of sorts. With and other home search tools such as or as easily available search tools that are at any potential home owners fingertips us realtors really have to be at the top of our game at all times. Working as a team and sending properties that may be of interest back and forth has created a situation where home owners have a first hand say in which properties they want to view. I welcome my clients to help me with the home search as two (or three) eyes looking is of course, better than just one!

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