Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli wanted to take time to talk with my FM on what he feels is a reasonable budget for Ontarions.  Chiarelli feels it's significant that there is no tax increases and the budget deals with jobs, the economy and fairness.  A lot of people are looking at the NDP to see howe they'll vote, because the Liberals did include their proposals in the budget.  Chiarelli mentined that the NDP is concerned about the Liberals following through on the promises, but he thinks that they'll be able to pu Andrea Howarth and the NDP's minds at ease.

The Ottawa Green Party has mentioned that they don't think the budget did enough when it comes to energy.  Chiarelli says most energy changes aren't budgetary and that he has announced ther're reviewing the long term energy plan.  he added there were also items from the throne speech aobut more control from muncipalities and over reviewable evergy infrastructure and they'll review the Feed in Tariff program and do course correction and tweaking in a number of those areas.

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