Fairview Ave was a hot topic at council Monday night.  The discussion was hot to deal with the increasing traffic on the roadway and the demands that will be needed in the future because of subdivision expansions.  The firm McCormick Rankin Corporation, Consulting Engineers suggested to council that a new four lane road to be built from Elm to Southdale.  That would include the installation of bike lanes in both directions, a roundabout at Southdale along with traffic light at Bill Martyn and Raven Ave.

Council entered into a lenghtly debate about the project including many concerns beign raised about the amount of time  since the last Public Information Centre was held along with the impact on residents in the area.  Alderman Dave Warden was one of those who raised a similar concern.

In the end council received the report that was given to them but did postpone the responding to the questions from last years session.  The motion that was passed also made mention that a new public information centre would be held in the near future to once again consult with the residents of that area.

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