Is advertising homes on Kijiji worth it?

Let me first say, this question may have a lot of people with opposing views as who's to say what kind of quality viewership kijiji has. My view point however is that provides realtors with excellent (if not one of the best) tools for both real estate sales and rentals. Especially when it comes to rentals, in fact, I think that everyone that I have asked who rents their home has found it using the kijiji rental pages.

That said, there are literally millions of eyes on that site daily just browsing to find unique items, cars, electronics, and undoubtedly real estate. And if we are going to talk about clicks or page views, I get 10X as many views on every ad for a listing that is posted on kijiji than on all of my other websites combined.

One thing is for sure, as long as having a listing on kijiji is free, you will see all of my listings posted on Kijiji!

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