The Conservatives congratulated Justin Trudeau for his Liberal leadership victory Monday with 3 attack ads that portray him as a lightweight with a famous name who thinks Quebecers are better than anyone else.

The ads - 2 in English and 1 in French - ask whether Trudeau has the judgement and experience to be prime minister.

One of the televised spots that hit the airwaves hours after Trudeau was picked leader compares his resume to that of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  Harper is lauded for cutting the GST, creading 900,000 jobs during the economic down turn and providing Canadians with a $100. per year child tax credit.

Trudeau's credentials flash on the screen showing that his experience includes being a camp counsellor, a white-water rafting instructor, a drama teacher and an MP with one of the worst attendance records in the House of Commons.

Another questiions his credibility by using the din of  carousel music while an announcer references some of Turdeaus's past comments.  The ad attacks Trudeau for saying Quebecers are better than the rest of Canada and his opposition to use the word barbaric to describe cultural violence against

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