The Wortley Village - Best Neighbourhood in Canada? - London Ontario Homes

I recently read an article that the Wortley Village is running as Canada's best neighbourhood. I was very happy to read this as I grew up in Old South and my family still resides in the area.

While walking my dog to the Wortley Village TD Canada Trust (Which allows well behaved puppies to come in and say hello) I got to thinking about what it is about the Wortley Village that creates the great feel, and resiliance of an aged neighbourhood to continue on as one of the best places to be.

Just walking through the Village allows you to see that there is something about it. In all of the area's I have lived I have never seen so many people out walking their dogs, taking bike rides, but what really strikes me is the friendliness and comfort level of everyone in the area in their willingness to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger of any ages group and make friends.

I am happy to see that area's like this do exist and even with aged houses, an area alone promotes well established people to move into (and upgrade the heck out of) many of these properties that without the neighbourhood backing would be merely victorian style, century old, warn out homes with little to offer!

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