Why Hold Open Houses?

With all of the different online ways to access properties and see images, virtual tours etc, many home owners and real estate agents alike believe that hosting open houses may have lost much of its effectiveness.

When considering hosting an open house for your home, remember these weight bearing factors that will help you sell your property faster!



  • Seeing in person. There is no way for a buyer to effectively see what a home has to offer without actually going to it in person and physically visiting. While pictures, videos and other online methods of showing a property can highlight many of the selling points and features of a home for sale, an open house remains a worthwhile and effective choice for a buyer.
  • The Aura of the Property. If you have ever owned a property, you will understand exactly what this point is about. By seeing pictures online, in print or in a magazine, it may look out of this world, and desireable. You then decide to visit the open house or model home, and it looks exaclty as advertised. Yet, it lacks something that creates the right aura or vibe that is right for you. Above everything, a house must feel right to you to in order to create true interest. An open house allows buyers to feel this and move a step closer to proposing an offer.

  • Where is the home located. Online, print and other advertising mediums can not give you the proper understanding of a neighbourhood that a property is located within. By hosting an open house you are able to give prospective buyers a chance to get a true feel for the neighbourhood as they drive to the open house. Sometimes a good desirable neighbourhood is enough to spark interest in a home even before seeing the property itself!
  • Touring the area. Hosting an open house allows potential buyers to skip booking appointments & in doing so saves time as buyers can visit several properties in the same day. This helps keep the positive aspects of your property fresh in the prospective buyers mind as they are in the process of comparing your property against others in the area.

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